Dog Selfie Stick
Dog Selfie Stick
Dog Selfie Stick
Dog Selfie Stick
Dog Selfie Stick
Dog Selfie Stick
Dog Selfie Stick
Dog Selfie Stick
Dog Selfie Stick

Dog Selfie Stick

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Take your selfie game to the next level and impress your followers with beautiful photos of your furry best friend using the dog selfie stick.

The slick smartphone attachment effortlessly attaches to the top of most devices enabling you to take clear, focused pictures of your best bud anywhere. Simply snap the selfie clip onto your mobile device and place their favorite item into the cradle for laser-like focus.


  • The flexible neck allows you to adjust to any angle, utilizing the front and rear facing the camera.
  • Clip on your PETS' favorite treat or toy to grab their full attention. 
  • Clip the 2 legs on your phone front, it is easy to use
  • We research 200 kinds of the smartphone before design the clip, the clip will fit most of smartphone and tablet.
  • The neck can be torn down, adding or removing the joints to change the length of it.

How it Works: 

  • The Dog Selfie Stick is designed to slide onto most smartphones, tablets, and cases used in today's market.
  • Clip on your pets' favorite treat or toy to the Dog Selfie Stick to grab their full attention!
  • Add or remove the joints for preference. Make it shorter or longer!
  • The Flexible arm allows you to adjust for the perfect angle and utilize the front and rear camera of your device. Portraits or Selfies instantly!

Common Questions:

  • Will the Dog Selfie Stick fit my phone or tablet? 

Yes, the Dog Selfie Stick will fit most smartphones and tablets used in today's market, along with most cases out there. Will not fit waterproof cases or battery pack cases. 

  • How big of a treat or toy can I use? 

Treats or toys must be at most 1/2" thick.

  • Do I need to install an app to use the Dog Selfie Stick? 

No APPS required. Just slide the Dog Selfie Stick onto your phone and clip on your pets' favorite treat or toy!  

  • What kind of pet can I use the Dog Selfie Stick on? 

You can use it on any pet you want! Dogs, cats, chameleons, hamsters, and many more! Any pet that'll pay attention to a treat or toy!

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