Mini Electric Manicure Nail Pen
Mini Electric Manicure Nail Pen
Mini Electric Manicure Nail Pen
Mini Electric Manicure Nail Pen
Mini Electric Manicure Nail Pen
Mini Electric Manicure Nail Pen

Mini Electric Manicure Nail Pen

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This Mini Electric Manicure Nail Pen not only could use to remove cuticles, smooth out your nails, shape your nails, it is great for natural nails and also acrylic nails too. The perfect manicure tool for getting your DIY nails to look like they were done in a salon.

The little set comes with 5 attachments, it is compact and easy to carry on trips or even in your purse. The nail drill is more like working with a double sized pen. Bring you a beautiful life anywhere you prefer.


  • Features a high-speed rotation powerful enough to trim and shape tough acrylics and toenails yet is gentle enough to work on cuticles and weak or splitting nails.
  • Combined with each precision crafted nail head lets you sculpt, shape, smooth and shine your nails quickly and easily.
  • This product uses two AA batteries, good-quality motor running noiseless (Battery not included).
  • Using ergonomic design, easy to use with either hand, stylish, feel good;
  • Five kinds of grinding head interchangeable, safe and not injured hand;
  • You could have pedicures and manicure at home and need not see manicurist, save your money;
  • Manicure compact device, you save time and effort, relaxed to achieve your beautiful.

5 attachments of the nail drill

  • Chromium Corundom Grin

Flat Emery Head: Professionally shapes nails and finishes them to a smooth gentle edge.

  • Felt Grinder

The Soft Felt Cone: Polish nails to a healthy shine, also use it to push back cuticles and stimulate nail bed circulation for increased nail growth.

  • Carborundum Grinder

The Small Grinding Cone: Helps with the rough, hard cuticles and fits perfectly in the sides of the nail, it grinds the rough spots without damaging the skin.

  • White Corundum Grinder

The Diamond Cone: Has been designed to remove dead skin, corns, and calluses.

Sandpaper Grinding Cylinder: Use to flat and smooth extra thick nails and rippled surface.

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